About us

We are a software development company and nearshoring is our forte.

Our close ties with Germany, our strong commitment to talent and our distinctive way of working are what make us different. For more than 20 years, our team has been – and still is – at the forefront of developing the most innovative projects for large companies. That is why we are the best tech partner for your project.

And Blau Ring Labs was born

Enrique and Juan Manuel de Hoyos decided to join talents and forces in 2019 to offer companies high-quality tech consultancy services. Juan Manuel's vast experience and know-how together with Enrique’s knowledge and background in managing teams and attracting talent are the perfect fusion, making Blau Ring Labs the tech partner that many projects need.

On one hand, Enrique is an expert in business management, who – after years of experience in start-ups and managing tech companies – makes Blau Ring Labs a hub of talent and innovation. At Blau Ring Labs, our main asset is our team of experts. That is why Enrique employs a management model based on excellence, therefore guaranteeing that our partners and customers always receive the added value they expect.

On the other hand, Juan Manuel has experience as a programmer and consultant for numerous multinationals, such as Sony-Ericsson, General Electrics and Bosch, as well as other companies from the telecoms, biotech, transportation and automobile sectors. He manages every project that Blau Ring Labs works on, ensuring that everything runs smoothly thanks to his knowledge of team management and project execution.


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